When I step foot onto the mat, whether its Jiu Jitsu or Yoga, my mind quickly travels to the present. It doesn’t matter what type of day I’ve had, good or bad, I quickly come to grasp with a sense of ‘the now’. I had a coach early on that impressed upon me the importance of being present and showing up. It’s not just enough to get yourself to the weight room or practice, but making sure that you make it count each and every time you’re there. When I step foot on the mat, I focus on my breath and make sure to do a proper warm-up before I start drilling. When its Yoga, I begin my practice by closing my eyes and drowning out any heavy thoughts or burdensome worries from the day. If I’m stepping foot into the weight room I’m not stopping my motion, I focus on constant movement from the moment I arrive to the moment I walk out. My ultimate goal in any sport that I practice consistently is to tap into a state of flow where I am no longer listening to thoughts solely from mind, instead, I’m just acting with an instinct that comes from the synchronization of the body with the mind. It’s a beautiful experience and one that I believe is worth pursuing.


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