Vinyasa3 with Caitlyn Visconte

It’s 5:30pm on a Tuesday and I’m racing out the office to make it in time for Caitlyn Visconte 5:45pm Vinyasa3 class. I whirlwind myself to the train station in time to make the first train from Park Street, luckily the commute only takes me 10 minutes. After walking through the door at YogaWorks in Back Bay my first inclination is to place my mat down on the floor, space is limited and most people arrive on time. I pull a Clark Kent in the changing room and rush inside the studio to begin my practice that begins promptly. Today, Caitlyn warmed up the class with some Sun Salutations called Surya Namaskara A. Through the slow and pleasant movement, she allows people to slowly synchronize ‘the breath’ with motion before beginning the challenge.

I’ve attended Yoga classes all around Boston but I decided to stick with YogaWorks because of their flexible class schedules and wide-array of instructors with different styles. They provide a focus on working the core and this is especially important to me since I work a sedentary job and train Jiu Jitsu which constantly requires core flexibility and strength. They also offer a class with a unique approach to Yoga where they play Hip-Hop music and let you to free-flow for a few minutes encouraging you to express your creativity and imagination with your flow. Sometimes, they’ll even throw on the black lights, but that’s a separate class.

For those that doubt the mental and physical toughness levels that Yoga requires, I simply challenge you to attend one of Caitlyn’s V3 classes. Within 15 minutes of class my mind is fighting to stay focused and my body is struggling to hold itself up. What keeps me coming back? Every other aspect of my life is enhanced from enduring the challenges in class. Everyone practices for their own reasons and people benefit from Yoga in different ways. For me, the feeling I have after finishing a class and the lessons that I learn on the mat which I can apply off the mat are essential to my well being.




State of Flow

When I step foot onto the mat, whether its Jiu Jitsu or Yoga, my mind quickly travels to the present. It doesn’t matter what type of day I’ve had, good or bad, I quickly come to grasp with a sense of ‘the now’. I had a coach early on that impressed upon me the importance of being present and showing up. It’s not just enough to get yourself to the weight room or practice, but making sure that you make it count each and every time you’re there. When I step foot on the mat, I focus on my breath and make sure to do a proper warm-up before I start drilling. When its Yoga, I begin my practice by closing my eyes and drowning out any heavy thoughts or burdensome worries from the day. If I’m stepping foot into the weight room I’m not stopping my motion, I focus on constant movement from the moment I arrive to the moment I walk out. My ultimate goal in any sport that I practice consistently is to tap into a state of flow where I am no longer listening to thoughts solely from mind, instead, I’m just acting with an instinct that comes from the synchronization of the body with the mind. It’s a beautiful experience and one that I believe is worth pursuing.